Expositie Ewa Zdanowicz

donderdag 27 mei 2021 t/m woensdag 30 juni 2021

Locatie de bblthk
Categorie Exposities
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Expositie Ewa Zdanowicz

In de maand juni exposeert Ewa Zdanowicz haar werken op de 1e verdieping in de bblthk.

Ewa Zdanowicz was born in Poland, grew up in Canada, and spent most of her adult life in Japan. Today, she lives in Wageningen where she creates art influenced by Western and Eastern ways of life. She is inspired by the beauty that, she strongly believes, resides everywhere. Her signature method of drawing little connected circles was developed in 2015 when she worked with people with mental and physical disabilities.

Ewa Zdanowicz is an artist who engages in search for beauty in everything she observes. Her main inspiration is drawn from nature and everything natural. She outlines her subjects with black lines to underline the figure and shape that originally caught her attention. The little connected circles around the artist’s subjects are part of her method. They stem from her idea of art being meditation, revelation as well as relaxation. She admits that her artwork is highly intuitive and reflects perceptions, visions and ideas that deeply move her at that moment. Each Then, meditation on the subject appears as circles and represent thoughts that are released during the process of creation. Each circle that you see in the artwork is a physical testimony of a mental process, a creative digestion, if you like.

All the artworks in this collection are for sale by the artist for 55 euro. Please contact Ewa directly. email: ewazdanowicz3@gmail.com

You can purchase blank, foldable greeting cards with her art. They are professionally printed on high grade paper. You can give them as a gift or frame as a wall decoration. Please check out her internet shop:www.ZonArtFusion.etsy.com

Visit http://studiohana.blogspot.com or follow Ewa Zdanowicz (@hana_zawa73) on Instagram to see more of her work.