Quiet is the New Loud!
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Quiet is the New Loud!

Verzorgd door Popcultuur Wageningen

For this December edition of Quit is the New Loud we present Pierre Laernoes! His gypsy sound will 'up the swing' in your night! There are two sessions for 30 people. Reserve a spot for 20:00 or 21:15. Entrance is free. You can support live music in Wageningen by paying what you want!

Pierre & les Optimistes is a french gypsy jazz band. We say “Gypsy Stuff” because their repertoire consists of original french songs, gypsy jazz tracks, swing, rumba & acoustic reggae. Think of Django Reinhardt, Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima, Sanseverino, La Caravane Passe, La Rue Kétanou.. Pierre sings in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and much more. Their music is upbeat, energetic and great to dance to! It’s a great gypsy mix!

This edition of 'Quiet is the New Loud!' Pierre Laernoes will play for us as a solo act. Pierre will take you on a journey through his musical universe with only his guitar and his voice.

Entrance fee

You, the visitor, are able to determine what you pay, as Quiet is the New Loud! uses a Pay What You Want-system. If you want to support live music in Wageningen, please consider paying using this QR code, or the link below. You will be able to pay using iDeal. Note that payment alone does not equal a reservation! You will need to make a reservation for one of the sessions at the bottom of the page.



Alcohol-free edition

As no alcohol may be sold or delivered between 20.00 PM and 07.00 AM, this edition of Quiet is the New Loud! is alcohol-free.

Quiet is the New Loud!..?

The first edition of Quiet is the New Loud was in 2011 and has been organized monthly ever since. As the name suggests, these events offer music that is gentler and calmer in nature. At Quiet is the New Loud you will find the best singer-songwriters and bands in The Netherlands! Read more about Popcultuur Wageningen.

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