Multilingual Voorleesfeest

zondag 6 februari 2022

Locatie de bblthk
Categorie Bijeenkomsten
Tags Gratis Voorleesfeest
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Multilingual Voorleesfeest

The National Reading Days are officially from January 26 to February 5, 2022, but in the bblthk we make it a party because reading is always a party!!! We will end on Sunday 6 February with a delicious reading feast in several languages. Come and join us!

On February 6, the bblthk opens its doors for a special Sunday! There is reading in all corners of the bblthk to small children in English, Spanish, Arabic and Polish and maybe even more exotic languages! Depending on the registrations, so sign up in advance!

Come and participate! Enjoyment for the whole family!

Do you want to read in another language? Then let us know! Give us a call at 0317 - 413 352 of -send an e-mail to

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