Table Top Role Playing Games

zondag 4 juni 2023
13:00 - 17:00

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Table Top Role Playing Games

Brindlewood Bay: Dad Overboard
GM: Sam

Several nights ago, a wealthy financier, Albert Krause, was dragged out of Brindlewood Bay, dead. Mr. Krause and his family were on a yachting vacation and their boat is presently anchored a quarter mile from shore.

But the Murder Mavens mystery book club are on the case! The Mavens are all elderly women whose husbands have passed, children long since left, so their time is spent pursuing hobbies, finding companionship with one-another, and acting as amateur detectives.

Brindlewood Bay is a mystery game in which you play elderly amateur detectives. Think Murder She Wrote.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition: A Delicate Matter
GM: Rolf

Recent conflict in the Sword Coast has left the great city of Baldur’s Gate in an economic downturn. With many troops away, few are left to keep the area safe from bandits and monsters. In other words, a very lucrative time to be an adventurer.

For those seeking odd jobs for quick gold, The Purple Wyrm Inn is the place to be in Baldur’s Gate. Caelan, the barkeep, makes a pretty penny connecting those in need to capable help.

Today, a mysterious patron has come looking for assistance in a rather delicate matter. It seems he has “misplaced” a priceless family heirloom, and needs it recovered post haste. With pockets full of gold and no time to be picky, this client is sure to attract some eager aid.

“A Delicate Matter” is a 1-off adventure meant to showcase the three pillars of Dungeons & Dragons; Combat, exploration, and social encounters. It is suitable for new players.

Pre-made 3rd-level characters will be provided.

MASKS: Trapping the Snapper's Syndicate
GM: Jeroen

As young heroes, guided by the fearless Fearless Hawk, your mission has been to locate and apprehend the members of the notorious Snapper's Syndicate. The Jericho incident marked the most recent abduction of a promising young individual. After three weeks of meticulous research, you have finally obtained a fresh lead that could enable you to capture one of their recruits.

This is a follow up of last month's game, but anyone can join in on the fun of playing Teen Heroes trying to prove themselves.
Pre-generated characters are provided, but you can bring your own character.

🇬🇧 Do you live in or near Wageningen and want to try tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs)? This group is for you! Play in single-session, self-contained adventures at our monthly event on the first Sunday of every month from 13:00-17:00.

New to RPGs? Don't sweat it, we're happy to teach you how to play. If you're able to describe a fictional character and maybe roll a die or two, you'll have no trouble. RPGs let you do things like: fight monsters in Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, play out your favourite movies and TV shows like Star Wars or Stranger Things, pretend to be bumbling criminals in Fiasco, come to terms with being a monster and teenage angst in Monster Hearts, whatever! Whether you're looking to run a game, or join in as a player, you're welcome to join in.

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