Table Top Role Playing Games
zondag 6 augustus 2023 13:00 - 17:00
Locatie de bblthk
Categorie Activiteiten
Tags Engelstalig Gratis
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Table Top Role Playing Games

🇬🇧 Do you live in or near Wageningen and want to try tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs)? This group is for you! Play in single-session, self-contained adventures at our monthly event on the first Sunday of every month from 13:00-17:00.

New to RPGs? Don't sweat it, we're happy to teach you how to play. If you're able to describe a fictional character and maybe roll a die or two, you'll have no trouble. RPGs let you do things like: fight monsters in Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, play out your favourite movies and TV shows like Star Wars or Stranger Things, pretend to be bumbling criminals in Fiasco, come to terms with being a monster and teenage angst in Monster Hearts, whatever! Whether you're looking to run a game, or join in as a player, you're welcome to join in.

Join our Discord Server to ask questions, hang out, or pre-register for the games on: