Bestemming Onbekend 27-09-2023 18:00

woensdag 27 september 2023
18:00 - 20:00

Locatie de bblthk
Categorie Activiteiten
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Bestemming Onbekend

Uitwaaien Magazine: CAPTURING MOVEMENT

Verzorgd door het MeeMaakPodium van de bblthk

Uitwaaien Magazine: CAPTURING MOVEMENT
An interactive workshop to explore
Movement through film

Exploration session: Capturing Movement
In preparation for Uitwaaien magazine's 3rd edition, dedicated to Movement, we will host an event where we will collectively explore one aspect of Movement: how to capture it via film.

Our in-house film expert, Giacomo Sardonini, will guide you through the portrayal and exploration of Movement in film history. Afterwards, you will have time to capture Movement for yourself. For this session, you will need a device that can record videos (phone, camera, or video camera). If you don't have access to one yourself, we can arrange one for you (please indicate it below).

The products of this session will be featured in the 3rd edition of the magazine.

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